Message from the CEO

Organic is Organia

Organic/eco-friendly products specialized company

Since 2005, when for the fırst time in Korea we started developing products that are made of Australian organic beef
and commencing with the import and distribution of the same products, Organia Co., Ltd. has vigorously contributed to the invigoration of
the Korean organic industry. Such a process has come from developing various organic eco-friendly agricultural and stockbreeding products
for about the past 15 years including a wide range of organic grains such as corns, beans, wheat, oats, and others, along with soybean meal,
which is the byproduct of grain, as organic feed ingredients.

In addition, by launching the natural organic cosmetics brand ‘ECOLLINE’ in 2018, our product quality has been receiving favorable reviews
by lots of customers on a regular basis. Due to such a successful outcome, we are continuously expanding our business area in Korea
as well as the overseas export market. Organia promises that we will make our best efforts at all times for achieving customer satisfaction
by consistently developing highly competitive products based on our worldwide network.

Thank you.