Organic grain

Grain Import distribution of organic grains
Canada has an optimal environment for producing high-quality organic wheat.
By entering into direct contracts with carefully selected organic wheat producers located in central Canada, Organia Co., Ltd. has been able to supply the best quality organic wheat in a stable manner so that we can contribute to the invigoration of the Korean organic processed food industry that uses organic wheat as a base material.

Since 2019, and for the first time in Korea, Organia Co., Ltd. has produced a wide range of products made of oats that are directly imported from the Canadian oat farms through the active promotion of contract farming. The organic oat shakes and organic oatmeal that are currently on the market have been manufactured in a mill that is certified with organic processing for all production steps from polishing through to processing. Furthermore, our oat products are processed and stabilized with our patented technology for inhibiting acidification (leads to a bad smell) of oats so that the products maintain an excellent taste and preservability.
Along with obtaining oats produced from the clean areas of Canada, we will make an effort to develop many other organic producing areas across the world so that the Korean organic industry can be further vitalized.